Comfortable with being UNcomfortable


Even I’m judged!  It’s not just you 🙂

Going through the process of moving across the country —– trying new things and jumping into activities that are “So Seattle” ….

I’ve also received judgments from others about all the “new things” that I’m doing.  It has been perceived from others (especially on the east coast) that I’m “trying to find myself”.  Isn’t that funny?  I’m thinking that expanding my activities and doing things that make me uncomfortable and scary are making me grow as a person.  My greatest goal is to be relatable to others… what a better way than trying new things!  When those people that “try” to push their judgments on me, about me trying to “find myself” — I just think they are nutty as fruitcakes.  


Honestly, maybe they should try things that they are curious about and be more open.  The more you step out and push your curiosity to the next level the more you become comfortable with being uncomfortable.  It’s amazing how much I have grown as a person the past 5 months.  

By kayaking- trying laughter yoga- jumping into drum circles-  learning about the trans community-hula hooping with the homeless- coming out of the closest about being an empath– I have a greater appreciation for life & people in general. I have found new activities here that I wouldn’t be able to do back east.  I feel that every person I meet now I have a genuine connection with and they are an instant friend.  

that is an art my friend. 🙂

SO maybe when I get “judged” again I’ll just say “go fruitcake yourself”.

 Now I’m hungry



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