Special thank you to… Followers/Commenters/refers

ANOTHER special thank you to Beth!!  Beth has been the most active reader on the blog. 🙂

Check out Beth’s sites..


I love the photographs that Beth has!  Do you know she has a whole section on the rain?  What?!  Seriously Seattle peeps I know you are flocking there especially since we have had such little rain lately!! 

Tola has been the TOP commenter this week!! I love how you talk about Love and the prayer of Jabez!  #EnlargeOurTerritory

Check out Tola’s site —  https://tolawrites.wordpress.com

TOP referer of the week!

Thank you Stephanie for referring me!  I love how you are leading a gluten-free lifestyle & how you talk about managing a lifestyle for people with a chronic illness. 


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