QnA Chronic Love!

Dear Jen, My husband has a chronic illness and it put a hindrance on our relationship.  I want to go hiking, rock climbing, paddle boarding and start to train for marathons or even triathlons!  The illness he has is Addison’s disease so it is hard on his adrenals.  It is complicated to explain.  I know you said you had Lyme disease and I’m sure you can give me a few suggestions on how to live with someone with a chronic illness. thank you!  Michele


Hey Michele!

Thanks for writing in!! First I’m super behind on my relationship advice blog because I had a birthday & a lyme flare at the same time!! Crazy right?  So I apologize for the couple days delay.

First, I have never lived with anyone that has a chronic illness and I give you major props for marrying someone who does.  I think it is just as hard for someone who is living with someone with a chronic illness as it is for the person who lives with the disease.  I have however have lived with myself for a long time… lol.  2 tips that I could give you is…

#1 Hire help… seriously your significant other with the chronic illness can not have a successful job, be a professional house cleaner and chef at the same time.  You definitely need to hire help to support the cleaning and or cooking responsibilities.  

#2 Don’t say… You never feel well.   Well, your significant other probably doesn’t feel himself 90% of the time so just don’t say that because if it was up to us then we would feel great 90% of the time but that isn’t the reality.

Hope these 2 tips help you!!!




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