Birthday Bash!

WOW- I’ve spent the past several days celebrating my birthday!  I used to sulk on my birthday and not appreciate the universe giving me another year on this wonderful planet but now I’m learning to feel the joy.  Have you ever felt guilty about celebrating yourself or having fun?  I usually think wow I should really be working right now.  Someone recently said to me “Jen just feel the joy instead of rejecting it”.  Those few words were super profound for me.  Why do we feel guilt or think we don’t deserve to enjoy the moment?  This is a struggle for many people so you are not alone.  If you are one of the super fabulous people who don’t feel guilty or don’t think they should be working then you have gotten to a place where a lot of people haven’t.  So Kudos to you!!  When I begin to feel guilt or thinking about how I should be working then I just say to myself “feel the joy” and it snaps me back.

What did I do for my birthday?  I went to a Macklemore concert!!! I’m a bit obsessed with him.  I love he speaks his mind and celebrates equality.  It was actually Amazon’s 20th birthday & their concert but I pretended they were celebrating me– I mean they were right they kept saying “happy birthday”.  🙂  

I’ve been meeting some super fabulous people lately.  For 4 months I’ve been focused on making friends & now people are flocking to me to be their friend.  Pretty cool right? IMHO I’m the most amazing friend to people so why not flock to me?  

Okay so this post is a bit of me patting myself on the back. haha. But I’m feeling the joy!


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