My first time was easier than I thought!

Since moving to seattle I made a promise to myself that I would do things differently & do activities and live the way I’ve always wanted to. Moving to a new location it is much easier to do because it pushes you out of your comfort zone. I went kayaking for the first time this week!

I was extremely nervous! When I saw a post for boating I rsvp’d yes right away. I was in and didn’t even think of the details until I got to the boat house. I had no idea if we were sailboating or canoeing. Well, we were kayaking! The person I paid to kayak said that he has never see waves like that before in the lake. The wind was whipping for sure! I was so nervous and I said I’d stay by the “shore” and not leave the dock area.

The next thing I did was sign my life away on the waiver- they even had a sign that said “25 dollars extra if we have to come rescue you”. I’m not sure if I felt insulted- like I wouldn’t be worth $25 for saving!? I even told the guy and he said gas is expensive. Lol. Okay buddy it isn’t that pricey anymore.

He then gave me a life jacket which btw I’m terrified to wear because they are always so tight on my upper area. Lol. It’s usually embarrassing when I go and put one on- like they don’t make them in bra sizes?? Anyway my new friend & I got into the kayak. Her in the back and me in the front. I was even more nervous because I like to see everything and didn’t feel as in control.

It was super wavy by the dock but we literally spent an hour hardcore kayaking and taking selfies. Lol. When I was done kayaking and returning my life jacket the guy said “how was it” and I replied “I think I’d like to go professional”. Maybe it’s just me but gliding through the lake was amazing- I felt like I was one with the waves lol. i decided that every Monday I will kayak for an hour. 🙂 I’d like to do it more than that but that’s a start.








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