What the Mayo?

My third week in Seattle I was food shopping in “QFC” for condiments. First of all we don’t have QFC’s back In the philly area. A QFC is quality food center. It’s a really nice supermarket! I like it much better than Safeway- which we have back in the northeast and Pacific Northwest. While shopping I pulled my shopping cart up to the mayonnais section. Grabbed the “best foods” brand and thought omg they don’t have hellmanns here!! I thought every place had hellmanns. I mean how do you make a hoagie or sub without it?  I quickly grabbed my cell phone and started googling best foods. I thought it was a cheap knock off. 

Well, it’s the same thing!!! 

Different marketing & names in different parts of the country. Really ?!? it’s not like we are living in another country– oh wait I’m in Seattle… Pretty close. We have our own culture here. I can’t believe I was so shocked about mayonnaise. It  reminded me that I’m definitely not home anymore– I decided to buy a different brand of mayo that day. I just couldn’t buy a best food brand mayo –knowing everyday that I would open my fridge and see it would be a constant reminder to me that I’m away from my home area. 

Yes I did just write a blog on mayo. 🙂 maybe next time it will be on the awesome bread we have here. 
Do you guys like Mayo?? I know jimmy Fallon says it reminds him of snot.. Lol. I don’t quite see it that way. 



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