I admit I’m a Jamba Juice junky

I didn’t exactly know what Jamba Juice was before I moved to Seattle. Clearly I figured it was just a straight juice place but it is WAY more & one of my fav finds in the PNW (Pacific Northwest).  

The philly area needs these!!!

The first time I  heard that Jamba Juice was a “big deal” was when I was listening to a podcast from the former bachelor Jason from outside of Seattle and his lovely wife molly. Molly was raving about Jamba Juice and I was thinking really I can’t imagine it being that awesome. Well, it is. 

They have-

Energy bowls- mix of berries, soy milk, Greek yogurt

Freshly squeezed juices & cold press juices 

Smoothies!!! Omg I get the peanut butter chocolate. Minus the peanut butter!! Lol I know makes sense right?! But it rocks & I love to see the cashiers face when I embarassingly try to explain it. IMHO peanut butter smells so weird to me. Along with popcorn, mashed potatoes and Doritos. 

Also—– we have more!!! 

Oatmeal- flatbreads- breakfast wraps- bistro sandwiches & much more! Their menu is constantly increasing which keeps things exciting   

Do you Jamba Juice? If so what do you get when you go??

These pics I got from the Bellevue market outside of Seattle. 😋   


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