QnA 2 different languages to love


Dear Jen, My wife and I have been clashing on certain aspects of our life.  One aspect is she is never appreciative of the flowers I buy her.  When I come home after a long day of work and put flowers on the table she will turn to me and say why did you buy those flowers; they will be dead in a few days.  I’ll bring her chocolates and she will just set them aside.  She will then nag me about how my clothes are still in the laundry basket or I need to still go through the mail.  We then get into an argument because I just bought her home chocolates or flowers and she doesn’t even acknowledge it.  I think she is being ungrateful but I don’t want this to be a wedge in our relationship.  Any advice would be helpful.  Thank you for the support and I think you blog is inspiring, funny and real.  Chase

Hey Chase-

Thanks for the compliments that is what I’m striving for- as well as helping people around the world with relationships.  I know exactly what is going on here.  This will be life changing for you.  πŸ™‚  You guys have different love languages!!!  

~~~wait seriously that’s it???  i know what you are thinking!!!~~~

Maybe I need to write a blog about love languages but you are Gifts and your wife is acts of service!!! Many people go through life with their “love cup” unfilled because they don’t know the other persons love language.  The way she feels loved and appreciated is through you doing “acts of service” for her.  Acts of service can be cleaning, cooking, laundry whatever you do for her.  I’m acts of service and the best thing my hubby could do for me is to help me with certain things because I lack energy.  


You are “receiving gifts”- for your love language and what this means is  you love to receive and give gifts.  Now the gifts don’t have to be huge- it could be simple things but it just will fill your love cup up.  You definitely need to discuss the love languages with your wife.  You need to learn how to speak her love language of acts of service & vice versa.  You don’t want to go your whole life & leave your wife’s love cup unfilled.  πŸ™‚

here is the website for everyone to take the quiz….to find out what YOUR love language is!  

Comment in the comments of what yours is!! 




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