The Nothing Credit Card?


Another awesome find!!!  

In Seattle I have found it hard to sell things – such as, leftover furniture & so on. People just give things away or trash them- unlike all the yard-sale sites we have back east. Of course there are a few yard-sale sites but they aren’t frequented like the ones I’ve experienced.  

I found a spectacular site called, “buy nothing”.  Buy Nothing is a movement in the USA for people to “Buy Nothing”- check out their FB group. They have them all over the USA & in Seattle there are a bunch that it is split by sections of the city.

It’s like an online neighborhood based on where you live. All the women I meet are within a few blocks. It has that old community feel. You post things that you need- for example “I’m going away this weekend can I borrow someone’s tent?” 

In the past 2 weeks I picked up brand new flats, two huge bags of ribbon, a paper-cutter & Christian Dior heels!!!….Score!! For the ribbon all I asked is if someone had a few spools of ribbon and I literally picked up 2 huge bags.  I literally saved myself hundreds of dollars on everything I have picked up.  Since living in Seattle I have downsized and just have been getting rid of furniture- clothes and just “stuff”.  It is so freeing just give away things!  I’ve learned to live much smaller from living in the Pacific Northwest.  🙂

I highly recommend checking one out in your area!!

It’s been a great way to connect with the community!  

What you do is go to

**Find a group near you  their FB Group Page

**You will then receive a message from the organizer to validate where you live- such as cross streets

** If you want to give something post  ….Give:  location then what the item is & one photo.  All additional photos put in the comments. 

** You can’t sell or barter but you can borrow

If you think this is an out of date concept there are communities that exist that only give away things.  

What do you think of this concept?  

Wouldn’t the world be a much better place if we all gave away things?


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