QnA Start Popping out those babies!


Dear Jen, I have been dating a guy for about 10 months.  From the beginning it has been very rocky but I feel like he is the one.  We live about 2 hours away and I consistently want to drive to him and I don’t mind because I live with my grandmom.  We are both the same faith and as I have been reading in your blogs that is a good thing.  Okay so my question is we have been on and off for the 10 months.  He is 100% about me but I’m iffy.  I’m 34 and want to go back to school and get my degree.  I want to feel more accomplished before jumping into an engagement or marriage.  Do you think this is a step in the right direction.  I am a bit lost right now in what to do.  Thank you!  Ali


Hey Ali!

Thanks for writing in!  When you say your relationship is rocky what does that mean?  Do you mean rocky like the colorado rockies where you are fighting all the time & it feels like a struggle or rocky like a stone garden and it is easy to mend things.  See this is a perspective thing when people say my relationship is rocky.  How much longer do you have to get your degree?  If it is 4 years you will be 38 when you graduate or if you only have one year you will be 35.. (yay i can add) this is important because as women as we get into our mid 30’s it can be harder to have children.  Is children a dream for you?  To me the dream of children is more important than a dream of a degree especially if you are in your almost mid 30’s (time flies).  It’s important that you prioritize this at this moment in time.  

Guys obviously want successful women but that isn’t going to hold men back from commitment.  Your boyfriend doesn’t care right now if you have your degree.  This accomplishing thing is more important to women than men btw.  We want a man that is accomplished of course but it isn’t necessarily vice versa.  If things aren’t that rocky and you think he is the one then jump on the marriage band wagon and start popping out those babies!! You could always go to college online.  This isn’t the early 2000’s people are able to have babies while finishing degrees and run a business… awesome things are happening due to technology.  If the only thing holding you back from being 100% is the degree.. then you know your answer.  




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