QnA How do you climb out of a rut?


Dear Jen, I’m bored in my relationship.  We have been together 3 years and it is just the same day in and day out.  Do you have any suggestions on spicing things up or how to change this pattern?  We are stuck in a rut and I have no idea how to change things.  If we keep going in this direction I think I’ll have to end things.  Thanks, Stuck in a rut


Hey Stuck in a rut- 

Thanks for writing in! 🙂  First of all, no relationship is perfect, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies.  Once you made it past the 2 year mark then you actually have to work on your relationship.  The first 2 years are a breeze!  The good news is you can get out of this rut!!!  Think of the things that happened slowly to get you into the rut- now you have to start to do the things to climb you out.  It takes time for sure to get out of this right– just like it took time to get into the rut.  

Now do you go on a weekly date night?  BTW it takes more than just one night a week to keep things alive.  My hubby & I have at least one night date but also a few lunch dates a week as well as tv time.  Our tv time is where we are dedicated to a Netflix or Amazon Prime show.  We watch at least 2 episodes 4 nights a week and it is great bonding time.  We are both super busy people- me with my business and him with his 50 hour a week job.  We schedule it in for the date night– every saturday night is our night– we know it no matter what we will be together.  I’m not a person for routine but having that scheduled creates more freedom & excitement towards that special night.  

Just know that grass isn’t always greener on the other side & it takes work.  I think sometimes we think that it is easy and like the Disney movies but that is just not life.  Life can be boring at times– messy & a bit routine– but we have the choice to change it.  I also recommend taking up a new hobby for yourself.  When you are happy and switching things up personally it will rub off on your relationship.  

❤ hugs!


what are the ways that you do to get out of a rut? 

Comment below 🙂

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