Jetson type device- solo wheel? air wheel? what??


Wait… seriously… what is this???  Are we going to be flying around like Jetsons soon??

This was my reaction when I first saw the Solowheel- okay so it doesn’t fly but we are going in the right direction here people!  This is another one of my awesome finds I’ve found since living in Seattle.  I was getting ready to do a coaching session when I looked to my left and saw this guy put this wheel by his feet- hop on it and jet off.  So I began my research and found it was a solo wheel and there are a few others out on the market.  The price ranges from 400-1500.  I have to get one of these- living in Seattle with the hills is sometimes brutal and b/c of my Lyme I don’t like to go up those massive hills.  I heard this gadget would be able to zip up a hill.  🙂  Reading the reviews it definitely takes some practice and falling at times.  

Would you be nervous to hop on one?  

Does it interest you?


here’s a link to one.



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