Hypnosis– What’s with all the Hype?


I LOVE hypnosis!!! Ah!  It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.  First, no one can control your thoughts and it pretty much feels like you are daydreaming.   The first time I did it I was like “well, I just threw my money away” but then later that day I thought “wow I was really out of it earlier.”  The next day I thought “I think I was in a trance the whole day”.  During the session I even thought I’m not sure if it is going to work or not but I have faith that it will work.  

The session was 2 hours and the first hour was straight therapy & I was seriously needing that.  Especially moving across the country not exactly having someone I can just spill everything to in person.  Obviously I can call one of my friends up from home & dish but not the same as in person.  Then I transitioned from the sofa to the chair and reclined.  I began to stare at a spot on the wall and struggled to keep my eyes open.  It felt as if I was at the stage from falling sleeping to almost actually being asleep.  She asked me if I could say my phone number backwards and I couldn’t so that was a great sign.  She asked me what color my body felt like and I said “yellow“… like seriously where did I come up with that.  Then she said what color did I want my body to be and I said “teal.”  LOL… what in the world was I coming up with these colors… maybe my subconscious.

Our subconscious mind is powerful- like a huge memory bank & a lot of times we feel we can figure things out but we can’t.  You know I study the brain & why we do certain things?  Do you ever feel like “i have no idea why I feel this way” or “I can’t figure out how I feel”.  This is your subconscious mind.  You can either prosper your mind or not- the choice is yours.  Hypnosis is the fastest way to change your subconscious and it manifests over time.  To keep up with this I also listen to hypnosis youtube videos. Obviously, this isn’t the same as in person but it is more of a maintenance in between sessions.  My one session was 175 and my second was 145… to me that is priceless from what I have already gotten out of the session. 

Would you ever go to hypnosis or hypnotherapy?  

Why would you or wouldn’t you?

What would be your fears?



3 thoughts on “Hypnosis– What’s with all the Hype?

    • quirkyjen says:

      I definitely want to do sessions around the chronic pain as well. The hypnotherapist I went to said she specializes in that. When you have chronic pain like yourself & myself we always try new ways to get relief. It definitely helped for the thoughts I had around certain areas in my life. I went on yelp.com to find one that had good reviews.

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