QnA who would you choose?


Dear Jen,  I’m dating two guys and only one knows that I’m dating the other.  I’m not a liar by any means but I have had to not exactly tell the other one I’m dating anyone else.  We aren’t exclusive so I didn’t feel like it was a big deal by not saying anything.  I’m beginning to feel guilty for not saying anything.  I know I need to make a decision on who to pick.  I know I can’t continue anymore to date both.  I am extremely conflicted on what to even do.  Can you please give me words of wisdom or advice? Thank you! Stephanie

Hi Stephanie! Thanks for writing for advice- this is super complicated now let’s figure this out.  You need to ask yourself a few questions.

The guy that doesn’t know you are dating anyone else- don’t you think you wouldn’t lie to him if he was “the one”?  

The guy that does know you are dating someone else don’t you think you respect him more since you had the respect to tell him?

Respect is huge in a relationship & needed.  

Give yourself a deadline to figure this out by and be up front with the guy who already knows.  The guy that doesn’t know is most likely going to be irate if he finds out now. You are going to have to figure out if you now want to be honest with him but just know it won’t go well.  What guy wants to be second place or share with another man?  Just human nature there to be upset.  I just have this feeling that the guy you respect the most and you are upfront with will most likely be your front-runner.  🙂  



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2 thoughts on “QnA who would you choose?

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I completely agree with this advice. I was thinking that perhaps she was not telling the other because she didn’t want to risk that relationship, but then I remembered when I was in a similar situation, and I chose the one who knew about the other. In the end, the one who I don’t want to keep secrets from is the one I’ll always choose. Great advice!

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