Love Eat24! <3 delivery made awesome


I’ve been finding a ton of awesome finds since moving to Seattle.  One super spectacular find is Eat24 (it is an app-also can be used on desktop.)  It is a yelp company- like yelp and Eat24 are married to one another.  They have reviews from customers on almost every dish that is sold from the establishment.  I love how you can see the pictures of the food as well- most women are visual so having this app is a score!  You can also order food in advance which is great- I know this is pretty cool for the planners!! It also gives an estimated delivery time.  Living in an apartment it is quite annoying with having delivery people try to figure out how to get into the apartment complex but with EAT24 I give detailed instructions.  Some companies charge delivery fees but from what I have found their food tends to be a little bit cheaper.  I just ordered sushi and I’m starving… I have to be craving to sushi to want to eat it.  Let’s just say I’m CRAVING..

what’s your fav sushi?  Mine is tempura- spicy style!!




5 thoughts on “Love Eat24! <3 delivery made awesome

  1. hdemare says:

    I like sushi,…but as a native son of NJ, I really missed NJ style pizza when I moved out west. My family and I found a place down in Pioneer Sq that makes authentic NJ style pizza. The owner is from Exit 14 (Livingston). It’s called Italian Family Pizza, and it’s a little bit of home here in Seattle. I wrote a post on the place in my blog ( Do you think pizza with anchovies might qualify as sushi? 😉
    Welcome to Seattle!

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    • quirkyjen says:

      I really miss nj pizza too!!! I literally was craving it. Thanks so much for the recommendation. Did u ever eat at pagliaccis? It’s pretty descent- the closest thing that I’ve found. I’ll definitely try ur suggestion. Of course pizza with anchovies qualifies as sushi. 🙂

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      • hdemare says:

        Pagliacci’s is my favorite chain out here. They make a sausage and mushroom pizza in the fall using local chantrell mushroom’s that is spectacular. Also, I’ve enjoyed Stellar Pizza and Flying Squirrel Pizza in Georgetown, and Proletariat Pizza in White Center, but in the end, the only one that holds up to the pizza back home is Italian Family. BTW, the bagels kiosk in the Public Market is a pretty good source for NY style bagels.

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