QnA talking too much ??

Hi Jen!!!!!!!

I’m excited to message you about this thing my husband said to me.  He said I talk too much and if I would just listen then maybe I would be better off than I am now.  That definitely hurts me and I think that I do listen.  I don’t think I talk a lot either and @ times it annoys him and he says I’m sometimes too much for him.

Any advice???????




Hi back at ya Mel!!!!! 

FYI your personality seems super bubbly & it rocks!  Being such a high bubbly personality it is less likely that you would listen. I think it is more of a high energy thing for you.  We just need to control your energy- ways you can do this is by doing yoga or meditating.  Otherwise if you aren’t controlling your energy you are just giving your energy away randomly.   

Now for the listening part- Remember the saying “god gives you 2 ears and one mouth so we can listen better”.  Also, listening and hearing are different so work on really trying to comprehend what your hubby is saying.  When he says “hey babe so work today was really hard, I have two people quitting and I am not sure how this work load will be lifted off of me”  Now what you want to do is validate that you understand what he is saying “i’m sorry you had a hard day- what about your old co-worker that you worked with at the last job- do you think you can recruit him”.  By offering a validation and solution then he will feel more at ease.  

By talking too much that may make him feel immasculated.  You may be dominating the conversations and that isn’t feminine.  Therefore I would just relax- listen to comprehend – validate and offer solutions.  I know these solutions will help you!! 

Wish you the best!!



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