QnA Cell Phone snooping is off limits!

Jen, I have been dating a boyfriend for about four months and he constantly is worrying about what I’m doing on my cell phone.  I’m not a teenager, I am 30.  I think to myself this is a red flag right?  Why in the world would he care?  I also caught him holding my phone once and of course he was probably looking through it. What are your thoughts? Thanks, your fan

Hi Your Fan!  And super flattered by that.  Speaking of “Fans” since living in seattle I’ve had to buy 3 fans bc it randomly got super hot!!! Now it is 70 degrees and I’m thinking why did I just buy those.  Okay back to your question- girl you have been dating him a whole 4 months…. I think you know what to do.  If he is worried about what you are doing on your cell and possibly looking through it then I think he has security issues and definitely trust.  I think you need to communicate with him and let him know that cell phone snooping is off limits.  This is your call on this one- but 4 months is a super short period of time in our life but when you are in it – it definitely feels MUCH longer.  




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