QnA Allergic to cats- does my boyfriend go or cat?


Hi Jen, Going into my relationship  that I’m in I always knew that my boyfriend was allergic to cats but maybe I was in denial.  Things are getting serious and I’m having  feeling that it is either going to be the cats that are going to need to go or I’m going to have to break things off with my boyfriend.  He doesn’t come to my apartment because he says he will sneeze and it would be a disaster.  I may have gotten into a situation that I can’t get out of. thanks, tiff

Hey Tiff-

Love is rare!  Girl it is hard to find a boyfriend yet alone love!! You know I’m a HUGE cat fan but that pales in comparison to the true love you can experience.  If he isn’t “the one” & you know that –then break it off and find someone who isn’t allergic.  There are a billion people out there but of course love is rare!!!  

LET me explain–I’m definitely contradicting myself here. I’ll put it to you this way-  if he is the one then you know what you have to do about your kitties.  Find out what about cats he is allergic to and either find a new cat that is hypoallergenic or give your kitties to your BFF or family member.  If he isn’t the one then don’t waste your time & make having a man who isn’t allergic to cat a priority on your list for finding a man.  You really don’t want your future hubs to be on meds for the rest of his life right?



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2 thoughts on “QnA Allergic to cats- does my boyfriend go or cat?

  1. foguth says:

    I have a friend that is allergic to cats, too — cat dander gives her asthma attacks. Yet she loves cats, so learned that if she bathed her cats once a week, they could all live in harmony. While bath day is not particularly popular with the furry ones, they have learned to tolerate it, so all have lived in harmony for several years.
    That said, the apartment would need a good cleaning, too.


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