3 new things I love about seattle

I hope you all love our new site!  We are still making changes to it over the next few weeks!  Change is good when it is in the right direction and you follow your heart!  Our new site is a bit bold-  I’m feeling more bold in my new Seattle life right now.  5 months ago I was living in PA- frustrated and feeling a bit trapped.  Now I’m living the most amazing life in Seattle!  I still miss my family and friends that sometimes I just tear up but that is normal right?  I mean it isn’t like I can just drive 8 or 10 hours away to visit them.
Three things that I recently found out about Seattle that I LOVE  

The Sun sets super late in the summer… like 10pm  

People bring their own fans places

There’s vents in walls???  Still so confused by this but the maintenance guy said it was totally normal and everyone has that in their home b/c lack of circulation of air.

**Pic below is the sun around 10:15pm**



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