Relationship Advice…

In my “previous life” I was a serial dater.  I wasn’t exactly proud of that title until I started to teach women & men how to take control of their lives and have the best dates.

Needless to say I am a relationship expert with many dates experience.  I now coach men & women how to raise the bar in their love lives.   When I was dating my first date with men was always spectacular and they would instantly fall for me.  My friends would live through me and ask me how I do it– I was like the bachelorette without having to have the overnight fantasy dates!

I’m now happily married!!! I can teach you how to “catch” the man or woman of your dreams!

 Comment below with your relationship questions & I will answer them.  If you don’t want honest straight forward advice then this might not be the column for you.  You could always click on the pages of my cats for that… they won’t offend you. 🙂

For me to add your relationship questions & my advice comment below or email  & I’ll feature your question in the blog.

To schedule a 30 minute-1hour- one-on-one coaching session with Jen email us at


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