QnA FINALLY a question from a guy!

Dearest Jen,

I wanted to write you to ask you your opinion on waiting a few days before calling a girl.  What is your opinion and should I wait 48 hours to call her or text?



Hey Joe!  Props for actually putting your name!  🙂  AND I’m So0o0 excited that a guy wrote in.  I have a bunch of male viewers but most just read the posts.  Follow up is KEY in every relationship.  Moving to a new city when I’m hanging out with new friends I would follow up with them the same day or the following just saying it was so fun and we have to hang out again.  It makes the person feel SPECIAL and what gal doesn’t want to feel special?  Don’t wait the 48 hours… ever… follow up within the first 12-18 hours.  Life now moves so fast you don’t want her moving on to the next guy.  

Write in again soon!



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