QnA Addicted to you

Hi QJen,

I think I may be addicted to my ex boyfriend.  I can’t help but want to be with him at all times.  I am literally a prisoner in my own mind.  I feel like I am trapped and can’t break free from this constant desire to look at his profiles or just have some sort of connection with him.  Not in a stalker way or anything just in an addicted way.  Do I need therapy from this?  I don’t know what to do!

Hi anonymous- We will call you Toxic in Love here b/c you remind me of the Brittany Spears song- Toxic.  If anyone doesn’t remember that song you here is the video…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOZuxwVk7TU

I’m now listening to the lyrics and it reminds me of your situation.  I remember going to a doctor when I relapsed with Lyme Disease (8 years ago) & he told me he thought I was addicted to my last boyfriend and my body was detoxing and super sick from the guy I was addicted to. He said a bad relationship can be as toxic as alcoholism and he was shocked that I had the strength to even go into the office.   I literally lost a ton of weight and couldn’t get out of bed— it took me years to recover.  To back up a bit- I dated him on and off for a few years and then he got out of the military & up and moved to Florida.  He  said we would be together but that never happened.  He would contact me every other day if that and was manipulative.  I saw him one other time and found out he cheated on me while I was super sick– he even said I looked so sick like i was going through chemo!  I’m glad I took control and ended it.  I’m telling you this story because you can be addicted to someone.  It doesn’t sound like your worst case scenario though.  I really do think you are on the road to recovery!  You are strong & if you ever need support there are a ton of online support groups as well as in person!!!  You know what the best therapy is… to get out there and go on a few dates!! It will boost your self esteem!!! 

Huge hugs!!! 


QJen  <— I like that!!! totes stealing!

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