QnA 9 months is 1 month too long!

Dear Jen or QuirkyJen,

I want to write a letter to the guy I’ve been dating.  We dated for 8 months on and off.  I’ve called him I texted him and even facebooked.   We were friends and lovers during those months.  It has been nine months and all I want to do is talk to him.  I want him to acknowledge my existence.  I want him to just answer my calls or something!


Sincerely, Stressed

Hi Stressed-

You can call me Jen.  I can absolutely tell that you are stressed!!! Your energy even in the email is powerful.  I think you need to refocus your energy and find a fun distraction.  What do you like to do to get your mind off of the daily grind?  Do that.  First of all to spend 9 months focused on trying to get him to even acknowledge your existence?  really?  That is one month too long!! I have a rule- if it is less than a year then you spend the same amount of time reflecting and being out of that relationship and get over it.  I know it is hard but until you clear the energy and release him then you won’t find anyone good enough for you!  You might attract crazies if you have all this energy tied up.  He is sending you a message without actually physically sending it.  He is done with the relationship.  Remember people are in your life for a reason- season or lifetime & this guy you gave him too many of your seasons!! girl it is over a year– you gave him all your seasons… lol.  But seriously you need to release it.   Have a burn ceremony.  What that means is to write a letter to him and then get together with your BFF’s & burn the letter.  It can be fun- have your girlfriends do it too! 

Giving you a virtual hug!!! 



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