Q&A Hopeless in Louisiana

Hi QuirkyJen-

My friend won’t listen to any of my advice that I tell her.  She is dating all these guys that are unavailable.  Usually they are married and just getting out of relationships.  What advice should I give her and what can I do to persuade her to not date unavailable men?


Hopeless in Louisiana

Hi Hopeless in Louisiana!  

It that like Sleepless in Seattle?  Love that name btw. Anyway I need to ask you the question of how old is your friend, what type of energy is she giving off and how close are you to your friend?  See the closer you are to your friend or vice versa the less influence you will have over her.  Did you ever notice that most people take advice more from strangers than their own friends or family?  IE that is why you are writing me… 

I don’t want age to be a factor but at times women who are past their child-bearing years tend to date more men that are unavailable…. seriously no idea why but it tends to be a trend.  ah!  And what type of energy is your friend giving off?  This has a lot to do with energy– she could be giving off the desperation vibe.  I recommend finding a Steve Harvey episode and sending that over to her… pick one that has to do with women dating unavailable men.  This will be the way to get across from her and not necessarily giving her straight forward advice.  Remember she will take more advice from a stranger than you right now.  You could always send her to my site for a relationship coaching session. 🙂 Props for being an awesome friend!! 





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