Medina’s Gold Coast

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Whenever I get next to a body of water, I get a calm spirit. It’s like my blood pressure slows down, my neurons and all molecules and cells in my body are in slow motion, trying to connect to this magical form of matter called water. This week, I went to Medina Park with my husband. It’ is located on the West end of Bellevue and just across the lake from Seattle. The waterfront is called “Medina’s Gold Coast”. I love this park! It has a small beach where you can go swimming and a dock to do sunbathing or fishing. It also has a swim out dock where you can suntan or even jump into the lake. The beach part is a bit rocky on the one side but it’s great to go to. I would just wear sandals or swim shoes if I was going.

Medina today is a small, quiet and private community. It has schools which are part of the larger City of Bellevue School District, which is one of the top ranking and award winning school districts in the nation. The City is very safe with police officers using the latest technology to make sure that the small town is safe.

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