Coast to Coast: My First 37 Days

With all the moving and changes that have happened and  are happening, here I am, a bit settled and ready to share with you…My First 37 Days with Mk in a new city. If you’ve read my about me page, I am a Sales Manager for MK and now that I’ve moved to Seattle, work (which for me isn’t really work) also goes with me. So here are some of the things that have happened since I moved.
I Moved March 1st from PA. See ,I lived in jersey most of my life til I was 23 and at 23 I moved to PA. Being a jersey girl growing up in the Italian American family, you can tell that it wasn’t the easiest thing for me. We made the decision to move to Seattle without ever having visited Seattle. This was one of my dreams, to move somewhere different but at the same time, not wanting to leave my family. Everything happened quickly. Within 2 weeks they packed up our house & we moved.

I didn’t have any clothes until March 9– I lived out of a suitcase for 19 days. All I had was a pair of leggings, two sweater dresses, suit jacket, beauty coat and all my lovely essentials. For those 19 days, I had my starter kit and glamour kit. My first appointment was the second day that I was in Seattle. I never liked to warm chatter because it is when I “turn” MK off. But I did- over and over- I want to lead by example and show you all that you can build from scratch quickly. I think I got more “no’s” in March than I ever did before. At the end of it, we had a great month. It did not come from the work I did in March but from all the work I did before that rolled over.  My goal was to get into a restaurant and I didn’t- well, I thought I did for a second but it didn’t happen. I remember when I was building in PA, the same thing happened then and I ended up with four restaurants.

I did secure David’s Bridal as me being the sole vendor and that is wonderful, but you do not want to build a business only on brides as it won’t have a solid foundation. I found six vendor events that don’t have any MK person. Festivals can be a bit pricey but it’s a great avenue to meet women who like to have fun and you know when they come up to the table, that they are interested.

I learned in the past month to not wait until a certain date or wait until my house is unpacked. To tell you the truth, we still have a few boxes and my office is a disaster. In MK, we don’t really need an office. Our office is our starter kit and phone- that is it!  I told Brian I don’t need an office but it is nice to say I have one. 🙂  I do have one wall of the office as my “war wall”. It has all my tracking- goals and visions. If you don’t see yourself there, you usually don’t achieve it. Crazy huh. But try it- it isn’t magic but every time you see it, you work a little more and a little more.

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