The Neighborhood That I’m Starting to Love: South Lake Union


You gotta love the place where you’re living. After all, it is where you’re going to start, build and maintain relationships and memories. I didn’t exactly like the comments that were told to me about my new neighborhood, South Lake Union. First of all, before I moved here, I was warned that South Lake Union was sketchy with lots of homeless people and wasn’t the safest. Of course, you need to be aware of your surroundings but now that I am here, what I see, mostly, are young professionals. It is like Amazon kingdom- most people in the neighborhood work at Amazon.  It is a newly developed area and it is developing quickly. My neighborhood is quiet considering it is only about a mile from downtown. I’m so happy with our move and I am happy to not have to move anytime soon. I live by a park and a building that Amazon recently bought.  The park, I admit, is a bit shady. On Sundays, they do a free food giveaway and it obviously attracts mostly the homeless but I think that it is great that the community does that once in a while. I say to myself, my husband and my babies, welcome to South Lake Union! Also found this interesting feature of SLU and excited to take part in these activities!

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