We Like to Move It, Move It, To Seattle!

I’m really excited to get back to blogging. I’ve arranged some of our stuff and will get into decorating soon. I’m also planning to take some videos! Lilly and Coco are loving it here! Every time a person moves, he or she has some pre-conceived thoughts about the place and that is true to me. Now that I am finally here, I’ve proven that some of my presumptions were wrong. I hope these thoughts and realities can be helpful to those who are planning to move to Seattle.

Disclaimer: I grabbed most of the pictures from the internet 🙂

seattle rainy day

1.  I literally thought it down poured 24/7. It doesn’t. Of course,  there’s rain, but mostly in the morning, then it’s gone by noon.


2.  I thought I was going to have to put myself on meds because of the lack of sun. I think there’s more sun here than when I lived in the northeast. The sun seems so far away back home but here it seems so close.

moving clip art

3.  I thought the majority of people have been born and raised here. Truth is, there are more transplants here than I’ve ever seen. Maybe people are finding out that it is a beautiful place or that it’s the new tech capital.

this post i took from my neighborhood- ❤ it!!! i’m obsessed




4.  I thought that even though it has lakes and the Puget sound, I honestly thought I wouldn’t ever see water. Back home, we have a lot of lakes and rivers but it’s something you have to drive to. In Seattle, there is water everywhere. Someone said its god’s country here. I say it’s the perfect mix of awesome. You have the city, mountains and water!


5.  Every neighborhood is different, of course, but seriously you would think you are in a different state. The neighborhoods are so close together but the vibe in each one is extremely different. I love it though. If I’m feeling super quirky and laid back, I’ll go to Fremont or if I want to “stay fancy” I’ll go to the super developed parts of Slu. I didn’t realize how diverse each neigborhood was or how close they all are.

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