The Pinky Past Ring


While moving, I came across a ring I wore when I was 16.  I made the guy buy it for me when I was dating him. I never dated the greatest quality guys or guys that treated me right when I was younger.  When I was in my teens, I found myself in some abusive relationships. It is hard to imagine myself ever being in a situation of that nature but it happened to me.

When I found it today, I flashed back to that young 16 year old girl that made her boyfriend buy her a ring. The ring didn’t fit on my ring finger anymore so I slipped it on my pinky.  I don’t like to keep things of my past whatsoever but this one, I may keep.  Now that I’m moving to Seattle having the most amazing marriage and leaving my past behind, I want to keep this tiny ring on my pinky to remind me how far I have come. The ring blends in with my skin and is so tiny I can’t feel I even have it on.    When I notice the ring it gives me a reminder of what used to be and isn’t anymore.  It gives me a hope that I can break more patterns and cycles in my life. It doesn’t remind me of the guy at all because that was just a quick time in my life. It is a sign of strength and that this time in my life is a breeze of what once was.

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