What’s Up Ahead?


Once again, I find myself getting into the position of uncertainty. I’ve been married for two years and it only seemed like yesterday. The holidays are gone and we are all back to normal. People are getting back to their routines and are already getting used to it. Here I am, only getting started with another journey. Seattle! It will be hello Seattle soon! Yes guys! My husband and I are moving and we are scheduled on the 1st of March. We should be settled by March 15. First, we’ll be moving to New Jersey then off to Seattle. Thoughts… well, really, I am excited to experience what type of City life there is in Seattle. I read that Seattle is known or famous for its performing arts! I think my husband and I will have more reasons to go out on dates. Looking at it from images on google, I can see mountains and tall buildings. Well, that is quite a balance! I’ll be uploading some videos soon and also some tips for when you are packing up and getting ready to move. Might also delve into interior design of our new apartment. Really excited to embark on another new experience in my life! Any thoughts about Seattle? I’d love to hear a comment from you. 🙂


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2 thoughts on “What’s Up Ahead?

  1. The Little Room of Rachell says:

    All things water too – sailing and swimming etc. Mount Ranier is great too oooh and aah at. The Olympic Penninsula is fabulous to visit. So much to see and do around Seattle and in WA, you’ll love it.
    Rachel from England who has links with Seattle/ WA state. 🙂

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