Why People Are Afraid of Yoga


I think that whatever type of exercise you choose for yourself, may it be yoga, running, swimming, walking, wall climbing or biking, what is most important is you dedicate yourself to doing it. I think that it is not yet too late to think about what really is best for your body type. I’ve read a lot of fitness articles which say that walking and swimming are the best forms of exercises. Walking is the easiest to do, though, some people might not find it very challenging and you don’t get immediate results. I mean, if you want to lose weight, we all should know that we must put some effort and dedication into it.  You don’t want to just focus on your core, on your legs or maybe arms. You want to do an over-all exercise. Cross-training exercises are very holistic. Every part of your body moves repeatedly or alternately. That is, exactly, what swimming does. Well, we all have preferences when it comes to the type of exercise but I’d like to think that fitness writers should write more about yoga as a cross-training.

I do yoga. It’s been a couple of years now. It is a very relaxing form of exercise which touches not only your body, but also your mind and spirit. I don’t think that you can easily get a relaxed mind and body in the other kinds of exercises. Do you agree? I’ve tried running while listening to music. It is great to pump up your energy and motivate you to keep running but what I would love to do would be to exercise and relax at the same time. Yoga makes that possible! Some of my friends don’t venture into this type of exercise and now I know why. They’re afraid of the notions or things that are associated to yoga and here are the four things (I love the even number four!) or reasons why people are afraid of yoga. I think that with an understanding of these things, what others do, what’s being advertised, what’s being associated to yoga and the actualities, we no longer have to feel intimidated to try this exercise out. I honestly think that people who haven’t tried yoga are missing so much on the benefits of getting involved with this exercise.

The Clothing

You see the commercials for Yoga clothes and most women are wearing sports bras and barely there clothing. In reality, it’s mostly women that wear sweats and a tee shirt. I know I wear yoga pants and a large tee shirt- I don’t think I would ever feel comfortable wearing a sports bra to a yoga class. Some women, to be honest, are conscious showing off their armpits. There are just those days when you’re unprepared and instead of showing others what you may think might be not that pleasant for that day, just don’t. Wear a tee! You’d be more comfortable you did.


I was chatting with friends and one lady said she is afraid that she is going to fall over in the class. Don’t worry you probably won’t but there are others that probably will. I remember the first class I walked in and I was extremely intimidated but once the class started, the guy next to me…. literally 3 feet away, fell over. I just said “I’m glad you did and not me”. Always adding humor to an awkward situation.

Releasing the Toxins

No joke… people are afraid while they are in downward dog (a yoga position) that they will release special toxic gases into the air. Well, I’ve never noticed that in a yoga class, if that happened. Most are focused on themselves and not others. They are in the yoga zone- centered and grounded within themselves and not even thinking of the person next to them. I doubt anyone would ever notice.


Let’s be honest, there may only be one former ballerina in the class and the rest, pretty awesome soccer moms, just doing yoga to relieve the stress of life. Most of the students aren’t flexible by any means. I was a former ballerina that had to work day in and day out for flexibility. When I stopped dancing, I lost a lot of my flexibility and had to work at it in yoga.

In addition, remember that you can also do yoga by yourself. Some people get intimidated by other people in their class. Well, thanks to technology, you can do yoga by yourself because there are already numerous videos which can help you do it. You can do yoga every night without having to pay for anything. Relax and let this exercise let you experience what it is meant for. Get a toned body and a relaxed mind!


One thought on “Why People Are Afraid of Yoga

  1. Napa Valley Vegan says:

    I was intimidated by yoga too for several of the reasons you mentioned. I finally started taking yoga classes because my body was just getting worn out after 25 years of high intensity classes like Tae Bo & Turbo Kick. Within a class or 2, I just fell in love with it. It does help tremendously with balance and flexibility – 2 things I never have had much of. And it is so much more than just a workout for my body. Don’t miss out on such an amazing mind body workout. When I cannot make it into class, I use one of the dozens of classes available on Hulu+

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