Four Things I learned in 2014


Most people would write their New Year’s resolutions at the beginning of the year. Well, it isn’t the beginning of the year anymore and I thought it might already be too late to make one. I am not much of a fan of new year’s resolutions because I have already resolved to live one day at a time, to the fullest. Then, I might just get disappointed if I don’t tick off all marks to that list. I believe that we have little regrets in life and I think that because they are just little, we could sort of transform them into lessons instead of considering them as regrets. I regret that I gobbled up a large piece of pizza in less than a minute. I regret that I skipped exercising today! I should not have. I regret not cuddling Coco and Lilly before I left home today. I regret not bringing a blazer to the office when it’s freezing! The list of regrets will just go on and on and on. It’s a cliche to say “Live life with no regrets” because we have to admit, no matter how many times we say this to ourselves, we will always have regrets. But you can always take these little regrets and make them lessons that you have learned for that day. Let me share four of the most important things that I have learned in the past year.

1. Enjoy the journey
Most people wait until retirement or later in life to take vacations or do a dramatic change. I learned to not wait and take risks and not wait because life changes so quickly- nothing is a given so what you are waiting for might not be there when you thought you wanted to plan for vacation or start a new venture.

2. Live in the present
I learned that I am addicted to technology and can’t live without it. But i learned to not go to my phone until 1pm which was so hard at first. I learned to do power sessions and not multitask. I read a blog once and it said that if you multitask then your IQ drops- and I don’t know about you but I need every brain cell.

3. Take time off
I’m the “hardest-working-completely-obsessed” with my work but I learned that I am more efficient and sharp when I take time off to spend with friends and family. So, I was working as much as I can but when I take two days off scheduled, a week then, my results increased. Also, I may have scheduled off but I’m not going to lie of course, I replied to a few texts but I felt relaxed and not obligated to respond because it was my time.

4. The way people perceive me
I learned that the way people perceive me is the way I see myself. Of course, people are going to judge you within 2 minutes but I can’t control the way people think or the way they grew up to judge others so quickly. I can control the way I think of myself and that will then rub off on them.

I think that if I continue to just apply these lessons in my life, I will not feel stressed and love every waking day that I choose to do these four things.

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One thought on “Four Things I learned in 2014

  1. elegantwriter95 says:

    Very inspirational, I’ve always aswell thought life is too short to wait around for an adventures, discoveries, experiments. We only have one life why not make it the greatest? So we can look back in our wiser years like damm I was awesome! “Glad I explored various parts of life before I was old and ill barren” Which is what we should all be saying in years to come.


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