The New Yard Sale: FB Yard Sale

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Gone are the days when we had to wait until we had enough items to sell before we can hold a yard sale. We had to setup the place and put up signs that we’re having one so that people will go to the yard sale. Having a yard sale, before the introduction of online selling, was a hassle for most of us. We had to assign people to look over the things that we are selling and face the buyers who wanted to negotiate which, we have to admit, can also be awkward at times. Yard sales can still be done especially by people who are moving out and have a lot of items to sell.

Thanks to technology,though, we can now sell individual items from our own homes, through our computers and smart phones. All we have to do is take a picture of the item or items and add the required descriptions and post them on FB yardsale groups, and in minutes, your ad will be up and can be seen by the whole world. Also, when you and your family have a plan of moving to another house, a great idea is to start uploading your items several months before your moving date. That way, you can sell most of your items. I, personally, have tried selling some individual items on these FB yard sale groups. I believe that you had also experienced times where you needed some extra money and had to sell your items in a rush. Thanks to these FB yard sale groups, and to technology, in general, we can do that. How can you be successful in selling individual or bulks of items online? Maybe we can focus on these FB yard sale groups since most people have Facebook. If your account is accessible to the public, it is easier to sell. Some people have also developed this habit of swapping their items to better ones or items of almost the same quality and price. There are things that we have to consider when selling on these FB yard sale groups. A good friend of mine shared to me five tips to selling on FB yard sale groups.

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Tip #1: List your items for half of what people bought it.

Engage customers to check out your items by creating or grabbing a nice banner to show that all your items are sold at half the price. That will get them excited to check out your items. For some people, price really matters.

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Tip #2: Don’t tell them where you bought it or what you used it for

Telling your potential buyers where you bought your item and what you used it for will affect their judgement of the value of the item. It’s better to tell them to “let the item speak for itself”. But if you think that informing the potential buyers where you got the item would add value to that item, then go ahead and tell them. Just don’t answer too many questions.


Tip #3:

State what your item is, your location/town and the price. Be vague. Less info is more.


Tip #4: People who bought did not negotiate.

When a person already has the money to buy an item, that could mean that he’s already given some thought to the buying and no longer will bother negotiating because he’s prepared to spend on it. Some sure buyers do negotiate, but to the slightest degree. Don’t sell or deal too long with lowballers who only want to devaluate the item that you are selling.


Tip #5: Make sure that your transactions are safe.

This is the very first thing that you have to keep in mind when transacting online. Ask yourself whether this group is a reliable one. Watch out for scammers who only accept your payment but do not send the item. Check for any good or bad feedback. Some online sites have this feature but as for facebook, the group admin usually warns the buyers of scams unreliable sellers by posting their pictures and details of what they have done to a victim buyer. When transacting at home, be sure that someone else is home with you. It is better to transact outside your house like in the garage or front yard where neighbors can see you.

Online shopping can be a very fun activity when it is done with precaution. I’m also talking about being careful on how much you are already spending. Spend for what you need and if you find something you really like but don’t have the budget for it, don’t buy it yet. Instead, save for it. You’ll be happier you did. Always think about your needs than your wants. Happy Online Shopping! Happy Facebook Shopping!


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