Do It the Jelly Polish Way

jelly polish

Are you tired of your nails easily chipping off just hours after you had it done? Yes, we don’t always have the time to go to the nail spa to have it retouched or done again. Ordinary nail polish will normally chip off. The quality of the nail polish also matters. Well, I’ve found a solution that most of you would definitely want to try. Some people call it the Jelly Nail Sandwich.
Here, it is called gel nail polish and here’s a picture of my nails.

white nails

I love how great it looks with a diamond accessory, a ring, most especially. This gel nail polish will last for more than 3 weeks. It won’t chip off! As your nails grow, it will just move up and it moves really slowly since your nails don’t grow that fast,so the movement is not very noticeable. To have it done, you have to go to the nail salon or spa since they use a machine to harden the gel. I love it and it’s totally the best solution to our nail chipping off problems!

gel nail polish

This is the picture of the 21st day of having my gel nail polish. It’s the third week but as you can see, it’s all in tact and my nail has already grown. I’m excited to choose another color and get a new one!

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