8 Things to Do for a Spectacular Baby Shower

A few weeks ago, I attended the baby shower of my best friend’s sister-in-law. It was held in I.A.T.S.E., that’s in South Philadelphia, which is a great place. It was a formal setting but the event was really fun and everyone pretty much enjoyed the night. Getting invited to a baby shower is rare because, I must say, getting pregnant is not an everyday thing. It would be difficult, not to mention, exhausting, if it was. Well, you know what I mean. The thought that a close friend of yours is carrying several pounds inside her tummy and the thought of the pain she might have to endure soon, a couple of months from now or next month, maybe? Kind of worries me. I remember attending a wedding with Traci when she didn’t have that baby bump yet. Now that she has it, looking at her makes me smile even more. I think the idea of having a baby is great when everyone is ready and prepared to nurture and love the child when he or she comes out.

Okay, those are my worries but maybe I shouldn’t be worrying too much. After all, the pain will just be for a couple of hours. hmm.. Haven’t really pictured myself in those shoes, not just yet. I went to this baby shower. It was a big one with a nice table center piece, which really caught my eye. I think that the planners of this baby shower were really creative and it made the event more interesting. Anyone can plan out a great baby shower for their friend and here are 8 things you can do for a spectacular baby shower:

1. Decide on a theme

table setting imag 2

The recent baby shower that I attended didn’t exactly have a theme but just a color scheme of white and blue. A color scheme is also great if you don’t know what theme you want. The most common color combinations are pink and white and purple and pink. For boys, you can use red with blue and blue with white. Pastel colors work well for baby showers. Other choices could be disney characters or baby animals. Check out these other themed baby showers:

Pink Paris Theme


You can use one color for the flowers and the icing on your cupcakes or as topping on the food that you are preparing. Doing so makes your color scheme more visible.

Yellow Bumble Bee Theme


This theme is a yellow bumble bee theme which plays around with stripes and yellow. It looks very sweet!

Blue Little Man Mustache Theme


This theme is great for a baby boy because it uses green and blue for the colors. The colors on the cookies look very sweet and creative.

2. Create an interesting and inviting invitation!


The invitation is the first thing that will land in the hands of your guests. Make sure that it is interesting and more importantly, inviting. You can do that by putting in nice colors or playing with fonts and patterns. Be sure that your invitation contains all the information that your guests will need such as the date, time and place and the venue. If the venue is a bit challenging to find, then you can add a map to the venue. Pastel colors always work but it would be great if your friends could already see a theme on your invitation. Here are other samples:


free-baby-shower-invitation-2 free-baby-shower-invitation-5

3. Make a creative guest list

guest list

This was the Traci’s guest list. It’s handmade and I really appreciate that much effort was put into creating the guest list. Since most baby showers are intimate gatherings, your guest or close friend would be glad to see his or her name in a personalized guest list.

4. Prepare fun and games!

You can start with an ice breaker. Say for example, if your friends haven’t seen each other for a long time before this baby shower, then you can play a guessing game by acting out your friend’s habits or mannerisms and have them guess who that is. It would be great to find out that you and your oldest and closest friends are aware of each other’s habits and mannerisms and still remember them.

5. Set aside a portion of the event for the message giving

One great way to make your baby shower memorable is to make sure that each guest gives a heartfelt message for the mom-to-be. Since this is, most of the time, a woman-only event, then you can say pretty much anything to your girlfriend and soon-to-be-mom friend. The planner should also inform the guests so that they can prepare for a message.

6. Remind your guests that gifts will be greatly appreciated by the baby. You can include that reminder in your invitation. You can think of a way to give it a lighter or fun approach, a fun and polite way to encourage and inspire them to pick out a nice gift because they will be thinking of the baby.


Of course, this baby shower would be incomplete without the showering of gifts. Gifts don’t have to be expensive. It’s great to give a gift that is useful and appropriate for the person that you are giving it to, in this case, for the baby. In return, you can also giveaways to your guests. Here are other examples of gifts and giveaways.

babygift creative-baby-shower-gift-ideas creative-baby-shower-gift-ideas-3

GALLERY_BAB_06101102 practical-baby-shower-favors-2

7. Prepare a special baby shower cake

The baby shower cake is the centerpiece among the centerpieces. You can have one customized at your favorite cake shop or you can request one of your friends to customize and bake it for you.





Pink Polka Dot Baby Shower Cake for baby girls

8. Prepare delicious food!


Image source: Zsepa

For events like a baby shower, a full meal is not required. Preparing finger food as your snacks and some pasta will do. Of course, don’t forget to incorporate some colors which are in line with your theme and some drinks to perk up your guests.

I hope that these tips will help you in preparation for your next baby shower. Good luck!

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