Debugging the Y2K Bug: Millenial Style

Take a look at your walls at home, right now. You can also check out your fridge or cabinets. You will probably see a sticker with a Y2K bug on it, a globe with a computer mouse attached to it, a glittery, catchy sticker or stickers maybe. Did you see anything? You probably didn’t because by now, your house, most y2k magazinelikely, looks different from the house you had fifteen years ago. Fifteen years ago was the time when those Cyber Millennium stickers were such a trend that your parents had to buy them for you. We were expecting a great transition with technology coming in and being incorporated with our lives. The Y2k bug was such a hype. There was even this Y2K scare that the Y2K bug might hack computers and fire missiles and technology would be beyond human control or just a total shutdown! If you ask people what their worries were back then, they would tell you that they were anxious about their investments in the bank and that important records stored in computers and several data would just disappear. What started this scare, anyway?

As the year 2000 entered, we didn’t know what to expect. Those in their 20’s were witnesses to this transition and to this Y2K bug scare, which, according to New York Times, thankfully, didn’t happen. According to Nick Bilton, writer for Bits in The New York Times, if you look back to a decade ago, there was a high level of anxiety in the air. Thankfully, the transition happened smoothly, and most of us reading this would probably say that there was no reason to be scared, at all. In fact, if there is a reason or time to be scared about something like a Y2K bug, it should be now. I took the liberty to read on some archived articles from New York Times and one article caught my attention. It is an article written by Thomas L. Friedman and you can read it here. He referred to “overconnectedness” as a virus that is spreading daily and has no known cure. He wrote this article in 1999 and what year are we in now? 2015. Where has this virus gone now and are we all infected? Now, do I sound like some narrator from a science fiction movie? Are we becoming the non-fictions of these movies? LOL.

Let’s toss the seriousness away because at the end of the day, I will always tell myself that I’m not letting some technology or bug become a disease in my life. After all, I can’t afford handling two diseases in my life. I’m going to make technology work for me as much as how I take pictures with my camera phone, stream movies with my ipad and simply read about other people who also blog about their lives and get inspired.

Oh c’mon writers, we don’t have to be all too skeptic about the presence of technology in our lives because in my opinion, it’s really doing us good. Let us make technology work for us and not the other way around. I love how unprepared I am for this technology hype, and I think we all are unprepared. Suddenly, I have this motivation to create a blog and hopefully, people from the Lyme community would be inspired with what I do. Thanks to technology, I can connect with people from around the globe and we can support each other. We can contain this “virus”. Now, we know that there is no Y2K bug. Let us not create any more of that. Let’s be responsible users of technology. 🙂


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