My Tale of the Yellow Tail

Have you ever admired the taste of wine so much that you had to know how it got to your dining table? Somebody must have handed it to you over the holidays as a gift or you were just trying out other kinds of wine and found an interesting bottle with a galloping animal on it. Before I sound like I’m advertising this product, though, I think I already am, let me just share to you something blissful that happened as I celebrated New Year’s Eve. It was unexpected and I was only expecting our usual drinking friends to be sitting around the table, drinking with us. Voila! I got to spend the night with a Yellow Tail Pink Moscato.


I celebrated New Year’s Eve with my neighbors and this pink bottle happened to be flashing itself in front of me. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it since I haven’t been very discreet about my love for pink and pastel colors. So, I told one of my neighbors to open it up so we could give it a try. As my neighbor Trina poured me a glass, I smelled its sweetness and the bubbly fizz as it fell on the glass. It was sparkly and totally eye-catching. It was beautiful almost like gold that glitters. Gees! Who would have thought? After a festive clanging of wine glasses with my buddies, I and the pink moscato decided to let our lips meet and I could taste a sweet and refreshing combination of strawberry and watermelon. All I could think of was red and the relaxed, tender experience tasting it. I finished it off with a smile. Aah! Such a wonderful feeling it is to be spending the New Year’s Eve with the most perfect companion. Who knows in what occasions I might be meeting it once more. For now, I’m sure it will just be around the corner. *wink*


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