Develop your spiritual gifts!

Launching in a few weeks!!

I’m an empath & intuitive that was living in a world where most people weren’t.  I was living for so long carrying other peoples emotions and energy with me.  I was feeling overwhelmed especially in groups and it was draining me and I started to feel isolated.  Forget about wanting to be in crowds or being nervous to even go to the grocery store because it was overwhelming for me.  I decided to do something about it.  I went to trainings, workshops, read lots of books taking notes on what to do to protect myself.  I spent a lot of time and money understanding how to protect myself from the negative energies.   I created a program and took THE BEST information that I have learned over the years and put into this program.  I can’t even explain how much better I feel.

 I will teach you about- grounding- herbs- chakra- crystals… and so much more!!

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Comfortable with being UNcomfortable


Even I’m judged!  It’s not just you 🙂

Going through the process of moving across the country —– trying new things and jumping into activities that are “So Seattle” ….

I’ve also received judgments from others about all the “new things” that I’m doing.  It has been perceived from others (especially on the east coast) that I’m “trying to find myself”.  Isn’t that funny?  I’m thinking that expanding my activities and doing things that make me uncomfortable and scary are making me grow as a person.  My greatest goal is to be relatable to others… what a better way than trying new things!  When those people that “try” to push their judgments on me, about me trying to “find myself” — I just think they are nutty as fruitcakes.  


Honestly, maybe they should try things that they are curious about and be more open.  The more you step out and push your curiosity to the next level the more you become comfortable with being uncomfortable.  It’s amazing how much I have grown as a person the past 5 months.  

By kayaking- trying laughter yoga- jumping into drum circles-  learning about the trans community-hula hooping with the homeless- coming out of the closest about being an empath– I have a greater appreciation for life & people in general. I have found new activities here that I wouldn’t be able to do back east.  I feel that every person I meet now I have a genuine connection with and they are an instant friend.  

that is an art my friend. 🙂

SO maybe when I get “judged” again I’ll just say “go fruitcake yourself”.

 Now I’m hungry




About 6 years ago I ALMOST won a contest to be a blogger for Sam-E… boy did they miss out on me.  lol.  Anwayz I highly recommend this supplement!  If there was a pill for being happy … this would be the pill for sure!!  At times in my life where I’m a more prone to become less happy or depressed, stressed, anxious I would do about a month of Sam-E just to get me through.  Moving across the county can be a bit taxing on someones emotional system so I recently (like this week) decided to start on Sam-E again.  I’m also a bit nervous with the gray skies possibly coming our way soon.  It is better to be prepared then end up depressed and not know.  There are so many brands of Sam-E and I highly doubt one is better than the other but I do tend to gravitate towards Nature Made just because they were one of the first companies to push the Sam-E.  


I’m telling you that at times in my life where I was in tears and depressed that this has been the thing to turn it around.  This is a quote from the Nature Made website “SAM-e (s-adenosylmethionine) is a naturally occurring molecule in our bodies. Even though it is made in our bodies, SAM-e levels can run low due to various factors such as diet and aging.”  I think chronically ill people definitely would benefit from this!!  I remember giving a girl that was depressed this and she started to recover a bit.  Do I think this is the end all be all for sadness or whatever— no!  BUT I do think it will help those that are going through a rough patch.  freedom2-thorsten-becker

QnA Scrumptious & Sexy?


Dear Jen, I NEED advice!!!  I’m a bit stressed here and I don’t exactly know what is wrong with me.  Let me explain my life a bit right now; I moved into the city recently & from the “burbs”.  I love it of course but it is a different way of life.  I joined tinder and there is a setting on it to change the age of the person you want.  I of course have been experimenting with guys in the early 20’s.  I think they are so sexy and scrumptious!  I look young for my age as I am 46 but I swear I look 29.  Younger guys just love me too! Can’t wait to hear your advice! Lauren


Hi Lauren!  Thanks for writing in!  First, I want to celebrate you looking younger than you are!  Studying skincare in the past- I do know that you can prevent aging BUT I also know that usually the eye area or neck area tells our age.  It is usually the eye area— just a tip but make sure you focus on that area.

Anyways– girl why are you dating guys that young?!?!  I mean you are 46 and you could have a son that is 21… yah know???  This might be a self-esteem issue.  Do you believe that you deserve a guy that is mature enough and can give you the life you deserve?  I’m #almost30forever and I can’t imagine dating a 21-year-old.  Mentally, physically and emotionally I can’t even fathom wanting to date someone of that age.  I find it a little disturbing that you would say they are scrumptious and sexy.  Just know that YOU deserve the best and this situation doesn’t seem the healthiest!  Even if you are experimenting and in the middle of a life change–you deserve a mature- successful — experienced in life man!! I swipe “nope” on the younger guys and start swiping right for Mr.Right… ages 35-55 for YOU!!!



Yay for 400!!!


Beyond excited that we hit 400 followers on the site!! 

Thank you Andrea Fix for being our 400th follower!!! Thank you all for posting on your facebooks & blogs! Most of our followers have come from FB. Please share as you never know who will be inspired by the site. Our goal is to spread love & joy!!

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My first time in first class!!

guess who got bumped to first class on my flight from Dallas to seattle???  Let’s just say I didn’t want to sleep the entire flight and I was enjoying every minute on it!! They kicked off the flight with a warm wet hand rag that was dipped in lemon!!! Then they took our drink order!!    

I ordered the hot tea & we had complimentary hot nuts 

The sandwich was amazing! Warm -fresh and perfect portions…. And free! Served on a tray of course!


I also couldn’t figure out where the tray table was. FYI it’s in the arm rest. 


Literally 2 seats from the front

I liked having it in the arm rests. 🙂 much better!!  To sum it up flying first class is an experience more so than just a flight.